St Luke's Pre-School

What age can my child start?
We take children from their 2nd birthday. Most children will start in September, but we do have children starting in January and Easter as well. We can usually accommodate most start date to suit parents and the setting.

When are they funded?
Your child will receive the 15 hours government funding the term after they turn 3 years old. So if you are born between September and December then you are funded from January. Born between January and March then you are funded after Easter. All those from April to August will be funded in the September.

Do you offer the 30 hours funded Childcare?
We don’t offer the full 30 hours as we are not open for that long, but children entitled to 30 hour funding can use it to attend for our max hours we are open. We will also share funding with other providers or childminders

When should I put their name down on the waiting list?
Ideally you should put your childs name on the waiting list when they are about 1 years old. We are very oversubscribed so the sooner you put their name down the better.

How can I fill in the registration form?
Registration forms are available by email or you can call into pre school and collect one. If collecting direct from pre-school, please call any morning between 9.30am and 11.30am as I am available at that time to answer any questions (except for Thursdays when we are closed). We prefer parents to pop in and collect a form so we can meet you and answer any questions.

When was your last Ofsted Inspection?
We were last inspected in June 2018 and we received a Good outcome with some outstanding elements of practice.#

Do you take Childcare Vouchers?
We are registered with most voucher schemes so please ask when you receive an offer of a place to see if we are registered with your company’s provider.

Does my child need to out of Nappies?
Although we would prefer them to be toilet trained, that is not always the case. We will work with you to toilet train your child. They should wear nappies to pre-school and have a bag with spare nappies, baby wipes and nappy sacs in so that we are able to change your child if they are dirty. We would prefer children to only wear pull ups when they are actively being potty trained.